About Us

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Chase Youth Award Winner

In 2011, HYPER-formance won the Chase Youth Award for Diversity! In 2006, 2007 and 2008, the awards for Creativity and Diversity were gifted to this civic minded Arts group who were a Judges Choice selection! A few of our students were able to be present at the ceremony and had pictures taken with the Mayor, and several other dignitaries as well!

About HYPER-Formance

Our philosophy is a simple one, if a child wants to learn to dance or perform with us, then he may, regardless of age, gender, financial status, physical or mental disability. There are no auditions, other than placement. Each child is a full member of this unique arts experience.

HYPER-Formance continues to evolve, as an official 4H club. Our High School aged dancers now earn scholarship monies for college, should they so desire! We have continued our outreach to others who haven't had the joy of dance and we've included the South Hill Kiwanis Club again this year, along with the AKTION club (which welcomes our wheelchair dancers), the new South location in Glenaire, and our new friends at Dance Theatre Northwest from St. Maries, Idaho, join past friends at Deborah's Jump Rope Academy, and NW Hula Company!

Our 501 (c) (3) charter describes the Club’s mission as 1) promote and increase involvement in dance and drama, 2) put on performances to demonstrate student abilities to a wide public and to increase student stage potential, and 3) to construct a nucleus for future contributions to the dance and dramatic arts society. All individuals interested in the fields of dance and drama are eligible for membership. We became actively involved in the after school Program at the YWCA. It was a pleasurable experience and we look forward to more in coming years!

We are especially pleased when those who have never danced before join forces with us. Enabling others to taste success in performance and the joy of dance gives great pleasure to club members. We hope that you also enjoy witnessing the first performances of these very hard working young people, from 4 to 74! We are blessed with the participation of many other dancers who have had quite an array of dance training. The challenges offered by the club to these members are the requirements of learning and immediately applying leadership skills. All technical aspects of our performances are determined by club members so our students must also grasp the intricacies of lighting, recording, props management, costuming, promotion, photography, stage make-up, hair styling, video taping, and of course budgeting and fundraising.