Volunteer Opportunities

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Hyper-Formance Jazz Dance Club would not be able to put on our productions without the help of our many volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at (509) 448-5423. 

Level of Involvement

A) 1-Time Help D) Donor-Gifts-in-Kind
B) All Year Help E) One Complete Job Help
C) Buy An Ad F) Sponsor a Child

Donations Needed

Wooden dowels Scarves
Big foam dice Rubber balls
Bubble solution and wands Long jump ropes
Short jump ropes Foam rubber sheets, 1/4 to 1 inch thick
Hula hoops Card stock, for flash cards
Bean bags, small hand size Wands
Flowers Crowns
Hats Tutus

Job Descriptions

A) Box Office J) Photographer
B) Candy Sales K) Photo Boards at Bing Crosby Theatre
C) Care Givers L) Public Relations for Show
D) Collecting Fees M) Seamstress
E) Hair N) Security
F) Inform Other Youth Groups O) Ushers
G) Lobby Sales P) Videographer
H) Makeup Q) Volunteer
I) Parents Teaching Class  

Production Assignments

Sept 1st Week Get blank CD's from Cindy for Dubbing
Oct 2nd Week Deliver WARM UPS to class today. Compile a list of music to by used in the show. Ask Cindy and all other club members for their ideas. Conduct part of the club meeting to make sure we have covered all our musical needs. Conduct a vote if necessary.
Oct 3rd Week Acquire music by borrowing libraries or purchase. Coordinate with Budget Committee.
Oct 3rd Week Get Rehearsal Tapes ready. Club Members and HYPER-KIDZ.
Oct 4th Week Distribute to club members, give HYPER-KIDZ tapes to CC Lead Teachers.
Nov 1st Week Take all source music to Recording Studio for creation of Show CD.
As needed Be prepared to make dubs as required.
After Show Inventory all music, input into master list.

Sept 1st Week Implement Fundraisers! Check Progress each week!
Sept 3rd Week Coordinate with Music Committee, make sure we have money for tunes.
Oct 2nd Week Costumes must be ordered, we need $4000 in bank by now.
Nov 4th Week Coordinate with Prop crew, we need to pay for supplies now!
Dec 4th Week Coordinate with Video crew, we need to pay for supplies now!
Jan 4th Week Coordinate with Lights crew, we need to pay for instruments now!
Feb 4th Week Coordinate with Promo crew, we need to pay for ads now!
Monthly Balance books, checking accounts
As needed Change the record at the bank @ signatories on the account.

Nov 1st Week As Cindy and all dance leaders if they need any props for the show
Nov 4th Week Call PRE-Mix to see if we can use their facilities again. Find a location where we can store them until show.
Dec 4th Week Buy materials for props, build what we can.
Feb 2nd Week Get props to Bing Crosby Theatre before our rehearsal and show.

Every Class Set up clamp lamps, put away after class. Check bulbs, buy new as needed.
Oct 2nd Week Get show order from Cindy. Start considering mood of each piece.
Oct 4th Week Meet with Cindy and Dance leaders to decide what lighting they want in the numbers. Write up a plan.
Nov 4th Week Call Silhouette Lighting (Dennis) and make sure he gets a light colored back drop, instruments, cables and a small backdrop over to LIBBY TEEN Center by 5:00pm January 21st, 2000 (Friday Night).
As needed Call Dennis and arrange to have instruments and gels, gobos at Bing Crosby Theatre in time for the show, a day or two ahead of time is great!.

Sept 1st Week Recruit new members!
Sept 2nd Week Every Sunday in Sept should have some fundraiser which requires Promotion Committee involvement; flyers, talking, general salesmanship. Take advantage of the preprinted brochures from last year's ’how to sell ad space for this years show. (see Cindy)Make sure you get the ad's name, phone, address, contact person, ad size and artwork.
Nov 1st Week Make list of places that should get our Press releases about the show. Don’t overlook the community center newsletters and newspapers! Prepare press releases for radio, print and TV media.
Nov 3rd Week Announce the results of the T-Shirt Art contest, winner gets $25.00 and the art goes on all our shirts, program and literature for the year. Must include our little dancer logo somewhere in the design.
Dec 1st Week Make sure you keep our name in the limelight! Try working with scouts, schools, senior centers etc… to get discount tickets out in the last week before the show.
Jan 2nd Week All ad artwork should be in our hands. Get program put together at typesetters, or find someone to do that.
As needed Be creative, think of cheap ways to get our name out there, demonstrations, school gigs, etc...

Oct 2nd Week Coordinate with Dance leaders & Cindy about what costumes will be needed this year. Make a list for each routine, including shoes, colors, hair, etc… Start looking through catalogs to see if last years stuff will do. Use as many as possible from the costume room. HELP FIND A SEAMSTRESS.
Nov 1st Week Create list of all purchased costume needs and their costs. Have the seamstress give price. Make sure all costumes are ordered NOW!.
Jan 3rd Week Make sure all costumes are here, bagged & ready for Photo shoot.
Jan 4th Week Go to Costume storage and get all costumes ready for Photo shoot. Consider how to get them all back in an orderly manner from the HYPER-KIDZ. HYPER-Formance members keep theirs for adjustments.
As needed Get required costumes out & Ready for demo’s , parades, fair etc…

As needed

Set up video camera, video tape when available.

Dec 2nd Week Go to ATT Cable, get local access paperwork. Coordinate with Gene @ Filming.
Dec 3rd Week Meet with all Dance leaders to go over story boards.
Jan 4th Week Go over all storyboards with the film crew.


Responsible For:
  1. Arrange for practices that ALL dancers can make.
  2. Keep a copy of the written choreography, bring to every practice.
  3. Make sure you have a blaster and a copy of the music at each practice.
  4. Prepare light, costume, props, and video notes for production.


Responsible For:
  1. Be at every class for your center, take attendance, collect $, report to Cindy.
  2. Keep copy of written choreography, bring it to every practice.
  3. Make sure you have a blaster and a copy of the music at each practice.
  4. Prepare light, costume, props, and video notes for production.