What We Do

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  1. Registration- All good organizations run on effective paperwork and administration! We have classes all over the city. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A VALLEY LOCATION! (Pay for your registration online by visiting the Shop/Pay Online tab!)
  2. Tuition- The low $150 per YEAR tuition is flexible in when it is due, as long as it is paid before March. These funds cover costumes, Meals at the Bing Crosby Theatre, Written choreography, Each Dancer gets their own CD for warm ups, AND a show rehearsal CD too!  No one gets paid for this effort of love, and we ONLY teach in facilities that do not charge the dancers!
  3. Candy Sales- Start in October and continue as we need. It is hoped that each member of the cast will sell 1 or 2 cases of these scrumptious chocolates! After the first two cases, the member will get $5.00 per case to use as they wish! Also, start designing for this years' tee shirt! WINNER GETS $50 CASH! (Purchase candy bars online by visiting the Shop/Pay Online tab!)
  4. Jewelry Sales - Any time. Order from the jewelry shop page or set up a party! We handcraft each item! Have us custom design your next piece! Fine metals and gemstones are possible, as well.

  5. Dance Marathon 1-  In November we'll all get together and have a dance marathon to show our progress and start to work together. This is also a fundraiser (donate so much per hour danced, etc...) and the person with the highest donations wins a DINNER for FOUR certificate! We also select the tee shirt ARTWORK and giveaway the MONEY! ($50 for best art, voted on by Dancers)
  6.  Tee Shirt art is created by the dancers! At the Dance marathon, the dancers select which art they want to wear on the tee shirts that are created for the production, (complete with cast member names!) and the Winner gets $50! We like to show that art has value and should be paid for! We also use the same art for our ads in the Inlander and on the Programs at the Bing Crosby Theatre! (Purchase tshirts and sweatshirts online by visiting the Shop/Pay Online tab!)
  7. PROPS WEEKEND!  In December, on the weekend between Christmas and New Year's, we'll all meet at the 4H Building. We'll start at 10AM and be done by 7pm, on 2 DAYS! Bring adult help, let's keep the 4-6 year olds at home. Lunch is provided!!!
  8. Photo shoot - On the last Saturday in February we'll all meet at the 4-H Building to take group pictures for each group. We'll start at 3pm and be done by 9pm. We need these for PUBLICITY for the SHOW! Come with your group and meet your Volunteer Moms there.
  9. JC Sound, Recording the Show- Most years, we head into JC Sound to get the script recorded by the drama group. Call for Date & Time if you are in DRAMA class!
  10. Dress Rehearal- (MANDATORY) A week before the Show date to put everything in perspective! From 12:00pm - 6:00pm.
  11. THIRD SUNDAY IN MARCH IS THE SHOW, so we'll be at the Bing Crosby Theatre all day that day. It's hard work coordinating all these people and activities. Tickets may be purchased beginning November 1st. (Purchase tickets online by visiting the Shop/Pay Online tab!)
  12. Show is filmed and later edited for DVD for the dancers if they like and for local community access cablecasting! Yep, we're on TV! (Purchase CD of publicity photos or DVD of the show online by visiting the Shop/Pay Online tab!)
  13. Fun Spring Classes! We have new dances and new dancers can start after the show at the Bing Crosby Theatre is over. This is free for all Current members and just $20 for all new dancers since we don't have to pay for costumes!
  14.  Dance Marathon 2 - At the INDA Show, we'll all get together and have a dance marathon to work on our Summer routines together. This is also a fundraiser, and, as before, highest donation WINS a Scholarship for next years' Production ($150 value!) We do this at the INDA Show as we celebrate National Dance Week with other studios and dancers from around our region! It's a great time to work with other dancers and have fun!
  15. Picnic - At BA Clark Park! Classes end the 3rd Saturday in May, because Kids need to focus on their main job, Getting into the NEXT Grade! Way to go kids, do your homework!
  16. JUNE
    Spokane Indians Game
    Why? So they get in FREE of course!

  17. JULY
    Dance and Drama Camp!

    We know you are tired of having kids out of school, so drop them off with us and go take a break! 1 full day, Bring a pot luck item! 

    COOKOUT on the South Hill at Comstock Park!

    The whole family is welcome, we encourage many to come, just bring a side dish and your preferred drink. This is particularly important as this is where we PLAN next year's show!

    THE FAIR!   
    Why? So they get in FREE of course!